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Passion for rock – a lifelong quest

All good things must end at one point. It is a natural law that applies to everything including rock and roll art. Everything from DVDs to posters, films, and records eventually go out of print, making the entire artwork even more valuable. Real rock enthusiasts put a good price on every piece of memorabilia that is out of production. Similar to how some people pay their entire salaries on adult entertainment, these hardcore fans of rock and roll are willing to spend their life savings on a bit of rock art that changed history.

The most coveted record of all time

The Beatles are considered the greatest band in the history of rock and roll music. Nowadays we are used to rock bands touring the world and playing in front of sold out stadiums, but the Beatles stopped singing for live audiences halfway through their 10-year career. In fact, they only have one live album in their entire discography. Ironically, Live at the Hollywood Bowl is the only record that is out of print and extremely difficult to acquire. It is easier to achieve success on the Sex Zürich platform like AND6 than to find a rock fan willing to sell a copy of the album.

The Decline of VHS tapes

In the 70s and 80s movies were recorded and distributed on video tapes. When the digitalization took over in the early 1990s most of the films were transferred to optical discs – first on CDs and later on DVDs. Unfortunately, some of the rare productions were omitted from this move, and important documentaries like The Decline of Western Civilization, released in two parts 1981 and 1989, and which discussed the history of rock and roll music up to that point were lost forever. Ironically, many producers rushed to transfer a significant number of erotic films without anticipating the rise of the porn industry. Nowadays, you can watch these porn materials on any Sex Zürich website like https://www.and6.com/, but valuable documentaries of the past are lost forever.

The documented death of punk rock

Speaking of adult entertainment and its influence on teenagers, the era of punk rock cannot be overlooked. For more than a decade, between 1973 and 1987 the Western civilization had an outburst of musical energy, sometimes downright brutal that overtook an entire generation. The whole flare-up died out by the end of the 80s, and a live documentary of that era stay witness for it. Big Black: The Last Blast was recorded in front of a live audience in 1987, and it was the last time that punk pioneers Big Black ever went out on stage. Unfortunately, that recording is only available on a small number of VHS tapes that will cost you more than a night of Sex Zürich experience just to rent.

Johnny Cash and the lost discs

Almost 14 years after his death, Johnny Cash is still a revered artist, and his music can be heard on the streets of New York to the Sex Zürich scene in Europe. It is a lifelong passion and a same quest for any rock fan to own his early records. Unfortunately, many of the vinyl discs released in the beginning of the 1950s have never been transferred to the digital support, and millions of his fans will never get a chance to listen to them.